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Our vision is to bring new and advanced technologies to the hands of the masses.

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We are a global tech startup, our aim is to facilitate the access and simplify the ease of usage of the ways, people will use technologies of the future. We like to call ourselves the “technology enablers” as this is exactly what we do – enable the technology for the layman.

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    We schedule consultations with you first to understand your problem better. We then use our decade long experience of our IT experts to come up with solutions offering maximum benefits in the shortest time possible.

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    Our team of experienced and expert developers caters for your entire software development needs. We implement the latest technologies to deliver a modern and unique solution that serves your needs.

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    Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing for us is much more than SEO or Pay Per Click Campaigns. It is a fully-fledged advertising strategy and campaign that our team of marketers come up with for your business.

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    Hardware Procurement

    Our team of professionals will help with all of your hardware procurement needs. We assess, and then suggest the best devices for your budget and requirements.

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    No online business is complete without e-commerce. Our experts will come up with the best e-commerce solution for your online business needs.

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    Help & Support

    We at Instrek believe that a friend in need is a friend indeed. We will do everything possible to come up with a solution to your problem

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