Social media marketing trends to be followed in 2020

Social media marketing trends to be followed in 2020

Social media has immensely evolved over the last few years. Also, various social platforms have engaged people all around the globe. But like every other industry, social media is also a rapidly changing industry. A business needs to understand every change as it is the way to stay on top. It will also help you to increase your effectiveness in marketing. And this is why we have to bring you top social media marketing trends for 2020.
Being one of the top digital marketing agencies in Delhi, we want to share our views on such critical areas so that it will allow you to get higher engagements and conversions this coming year.
Let’s get hop into:

Increased E-commerce integration

As everyone knows very well, these platforms are also serving great through their E-Commerce capabilities. Firstly Instagram showed this feature where people can use the e-com sites without leaving the platform. It has many official accounts of some of the famous shopping brands like fashion brands, make-up brands that offer you direct shop link in their bio. Facebook also offers a market place where you can browse a lot of stuff and can contact the seller through messenger. Pinterest is another big and well-known platform that offers e-com platforms to show their products and services to the public.

It has many benefits not only to the customers but for the platform but the platform as well. From the customer point, they get the ease of all-in-one shopping. And for the platforms, they get more customer data. With this data, they also try to personalize user-experience the next time they will come to shop.

Quality visual effects

The very emerging trend is video content. It has been on the top of the emerging trends for a very long span. The Millenial and Gen-Z generations have clearly shown much love for quality visual content. It is not that people don’t like to read blogs. People prefer the content that they can see rather than the content that takes much time to read and understand. Also, video content is capable of delivering quality information quickly and efficiently.
So you focus more on video campaigns, ads, infographics, and other visual content.

New social platforms

You must have seen emerging and latest social media platforms like Snapchat, Tik-Tok to seek the attention of customers. These platforms have also started integrating the E-com platform as well. You can see many brands showing their ads on snap stories and videos on Tik-Tok.
It is one of the ways how these social platforms are targetting the Gen-Z market.

Facebook dominancy still on top

Instagram, Snapchat, Tik-Tok has become a mobile app in terms of users. But still, Facebook is the king by far. Other platforms will also be on the buzzing radar for the coming year. Businesses need to understand one platform with a dynamic approach that will ultimately help them to learn about market needs.

Customer Service

The increasing rate of E-com platforms on social media is also becoming the number one customer service centre. The more the customers will indulge in using these platforms, the more complaints can be expected.
Due to these increasing complaints, the companies are going to need customer services more. It will be going to help their customers and also give them a head off marketing.

Influential vibes

Influencer marketing grows its roots healthy since this year, and it’s going to be more vigorous in 2020. These influencers help you to reach more customers as they have an existing audience of their own. They trust them, and the content of these influencers works effectively on them. This is why many brands collaborate with these influencers to promote a product and create that trust in the customer’s mind. They get influenced and show interest in the product.

So these are the top trends of Social Media Marketing which are going to be very popular in 2020. Stay connected with Instrek blog post sections for more such info on Digital Marketing.

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