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Case Study : Delhi Food Truck Festival

The Delhi Food Truck Festival is a periodically held food carnival in India. It boasts of offering visitors with a large variety of food and dishes, enough to satiate most people’s taste buds. It’s not only about food. There is also some additional thrilling live DJs, musical performances and even fun filled activities pitching in to make the event much more exciting to the visitors and participants.


However as imagined, this is not an everyday event, so not everyone knew about it on the rest days. This is when the organizers had approached us with the challenge of generating at least a footfall of 70k visitors to the Delhi Food Truck Festival in a matter of just three days.
They wanted to get the word out about their food festival through the appropriate marketing campaign. The only resource they could provide us to help with the challenge was last year’s performance reviews.

Our plan

This was a challenge we had accepted and we had accordingly come up with an effective plan to make it possible. As this was a short event, and the publicity was to be generated mainly for the event, we decided that we should split our marketing campaign into three parts.

We divided it into a Pre-event digital marketing plan, an on-event digital marketing plan and Post-event digital marketing plan. We accordingly came up with appropriate brand awareness Google ads to use in the respective marketing plans.

We also had our writers write more than 20 blogs for the event. These blog posts comprised of blogs that introduced the event like how, where and why it started, which we used as part of the pre-event marketing plan.
We then had them write blogs about the different events, challenges and the so many things that happened during the festival days for the on-event marketing plan.

Of course, we eventually had them wind up about the event by writing blogs describing what an extravaganza it was. This was used in our post-event marketing plan, and also described how everyone who had come there was fervently anticipating and looking forward to the next festival.

We had also decided that the event deserved a website re-branding. We decided that creating an image that reached out to both families and the party enthusiasts would help generate more interest, and visitors in the event.

We also initiated something new in the form of the Bhukkad Challenge. This was actually a pre-event challenge we came up with so that we would end up with some interesting video clips to distribute on the social media, and stir some interest for the festival. Of course, our writers also contributed and managed to generate quite a response and curiosity for it through their blogs.

This, in turn, was responsible for the good response through the three marketing plans. We of course also used some paid FB ads and made it a point to post about the event regularly on FB to generate as much interest in it as possible.


We are proud to say that our efforts did not go in vain. Our marketing efforts and plan managed to generate as many as 49,000 users showing interest in the event. This was enough proof that we were doing things right, and that our message had reached out to the client’s target audience.
We had also managed to in the process generate a positive online brand reputation, which would prove vital, and really useful for future events they organized.

Our customer was happy with the results we had generated, and the increased online visibility our marketing efforts generated.
We managed to achieve all this in just three months, which is a huge achievement, considering the fact that this was not a regular business, but was a periodically arranged event.

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