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Case Study : Painters & Decorators Bristol, UK

Painters and Decorators are an established and experienced painting and decorating firm based in Bristol. They needed help with their advertising campaign because of the stiff competition they had in the local area.

They were looking for a campaign that could help set them apart from their competitors by increasing their online visibility. They had already tried implementing PPC in their campaign, but gave up on it because it wasn’t of much help. This is why and when they approached us for assistance, and upon taking a look at their existing campaign and clientele, came up with an appropriate marketing campaign.

Our plan

We decided, we first had to do some keyword research to find the best keywords to use in their search engine optimization. This was necessary to ensure that their website ended up in the first few search engine pages.

Once we compiled a list of the best keywords to use in the campaign, we also decided to next focus on local SEO. This was important for the company because it was the best way to target local SEO.
Local SEO was in turn necessary to help bring in as many local customers to the firm as possible. We decided it was the best way to improve their online exposure to their local Bristol population.
It is a known fact that content is king. This was why we next decided to u on continuing, and maintaining a regular monthly schedule of writing blogs. W had our team of writers come up with fresh blogs using the right keywords that most people used in their searches for painters and decorators every month.
We not only used keywords, but also the most probable keyword phrases the public would use while conducting online searches for painters like painting bedroom, decorating the living room, tips for painting the kitchen. Our team of writers has been writing blogs and will be writing many more blogs on a monthly basis for some more time.
We also planned to implement a link pyramid strategy using backlinks patterned as a pyramid. This was done to quickly get a good ranking for their website.
We planned to use this strategy to collect tier 1 backlinks from blogs that linked directly to their site, tier 2 backlinks from blogs that linked to those blogs and planned to add as many tiers as required to build their internet network and generate as much traffic to the site as possible.


Our efforts and plan worked out just as we had anticipated. We managed to bring their website to the top 2 rankings for most of the keywords used within a short span of just 9 months.
Our combined SEO efforts and advertising campaign helped generate a better conversion rate for the site, something much higher than 5%. Our idea of focusing on local SEO played a huge part in improving the company’s local brand awareness.
An increasing number of people came to know about the company, much more than before, also thanks to referrals and word of mouth appreciation. All this lead to an eventual list of happy customers who would vouch for the company and were even ready to write positive reviews for the company.

These proved really helpful at improving the company’s online reputation, and in the process, generate more traffic and potential customers. We are proud that all this was achieved in a short span of 9 months.

We take pride in stating that it was a combined effort of our efficient digital marketing, content writing and overall web development team that worked for hand in hand to achieve this.

Month by month keywords ranking report screenshot:

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