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A consultation at Instrek leaves you with a better picture of what you want and are looking for. We give our clients personalized attention to help make your dream project a reality and don’t leave you grappling in the dark.

How we can help you?

We are a global tech startup, our aim is to facilitate the access and simplify the ease of usage of the ways, people will use technologies of the future. We like to call ourselves the “technology enablers” as this is exactly what we do – enable the technology for the layman.

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    Technology Selection

    Tech selection is vital. We use our extensive expertise to help you select the appropriate technology to use to help make your dream project a reality.

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    Due Diligence

    We offer due diligence consulting services for internal assessments and to assess any organization’s IT functions for mergers or acquisitions.

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    IT Health Checks

    We can assess the health of your IT systems. We also look out for any outdated compartments and give suggestions for improvement.

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    IT Risk Mitigation

    Our portfolio of consulting services includes IT Risk Mitigation to reduce any adverse effects, with disaster recovery planning from man-made and natural disasters.

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    Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence is another part of our consulting services where we use services and software to transform data into actionable intelligence to help make better strategic and tactical decisions.

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    Help & Support

    We at Instrek believe that a friend in need is a friend indeed. We will do everything possible to come up with a solution for your problem.

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    Technology Selection & Enterprise Architecture

    Technology selection is vital. We consider each and every aspect before making a choice of technology for your project. For an example, open source technology can save you a huge cost as compared to the licensed technology. 

    We know that you may have new additions and changes to make later on down the road, and we keep this in mind and make provisions accordingly while selecting your technology.

    Our experts keep themselves updated with the latest technological developments so that we can help adapt technology. 

    We can also help create your enterprise architecture which helps define your organization’s structure and operation. Our enterprise architecture solution gives you a better perspective of your organization’s operating systems, hardware, software, and networking solutions.

    This process helps you determine how your organization can effectively achieve your present and future objectives. It also helps you make better decisions, provides for improved adaptability with the changing market conditions and demands and even helps eliminate any inefficient or redundant processes in your infrastructure.

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    Due Diligence

    We at Instrek know how important and risky mergers and acquisitions can be to you. This is why we at Instrek offer due diligence consulting services to first evaluate the condition of the company’s present IT systems, infrastructure, processes, and people.

    We help identify how and where you can save money and help assess all possible risks. We offer to do this for you because it’s always better to have a specialized and independent third person to perform the company’s technical assessment.

    Our team knows the consequences of not having an in-depth IT knowledge or conducting routine IT-specific due diligence. This is why we provide an extensive IT due diligence assessment which also includes risk assessments to minimize the risk of your investment and improve the odds of success.  

    Our experts can also conduct a budgetary analysis to find out where you can cut costs and save money if you notice that the organization’s cost structure is unexpectedly high.

    It is thanks to our strict independence from any other technology vendors that we can give unbiased perspective required for both an investor due diligence and for an internal IT assessment.

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    IT Health Checks & Audits

    Our team of IT health checks and audit experts assess your technology infrastructure, operations, and policies to decide if it provides for maximum returns.

    We give you the best insight into your company’s IT health and give budget-friendly and productive suggestions for improvements where needed. We offer 24/7 on-time assistance to answer all related queries as quickly as possible.

    Our team performs periodical IT health checks and audits using the help of software to collate information. We then conduct a complete analysis of the organization after collecting the data to discuss the results with you to design an ideal portfolio.

    Our health check and audit includes an analysis of your company’s backup and recovery process, a security audit, wireless connectivity coverage, infrastructure monitoring and inspection of all active network devices like routers and firewalls.

    We also manage your hardware inventory and conduct an IT compliance assessment. In short, we at Instrek take care of all your technical worries by providing a one-stop solution for IT health checks and audits.

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    Risk Mitigation & Disaster Recovery Planning

    Our consultancy services at Instrek include risk mitigation and disaster recovery planning where we take steps to reduce adverse effects. Your data always faces the risk of natural disasters along with data disruptions and outages because of data center outages, hardware, and software problems and breaches in network security.

    We accordingly conduct our disaster recovery planning by assessing your existing disaster recovery plan and giving suggestions for improvements if necessary.

    Our team then comes up with well-planned data center recovery solutions to guide your data center recovery decisions. They also check to ensure your strategies are consistent with your present and future business needs.

    We even perform a mock disaster exercise to find out and teach your staff and company how, and what should be done to save and recover as much data as possible during a disaster.

    Our team at Instrek also know that risk mitigation and disaster recovery planning is a continual process. We work hard at maintaining and updating your plans and make sure your disaster recovery plans are consistent with your business requirements and objectives.

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    Business Intelligence & Analytics

    We at Instrek use the right tools, infrastructure, applications and practices to access and analyze information for your company’s improved and optimized decisions and performance.

    Our team of analyzers uses the help of the right BI tools to both access and analyze data sets and then present all our analytical findings in reports, summaries, maps, charts, dashboards, and graphs. This is how we let you get a better and more detailed knowledge about the state of your business.

    We also make use of online analytical processing, data warehousing, data discovery, cloud data services benchmarking, reporting, data/text mining, online analytical processing, and business performance management to help give you accurate results.

    Our team uses acquired business intelligence and analytics results to help measure your performance and progress to reach your business goals better. We also use the help of business intelligence to help improve your existing IT infrastructure and give suggestions and recommendations for resources you can use to provide better business results.

Our 6-D process

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  • Discover

    We use our meetings with you to understand, and discover exactly what you are looking for and help to make it materialize.

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  • Define

    We define your outline ideas and help put them together to create a clearer picture of what you require.

  • 03

  • Design

    Once we understand your requirements, we will design a solution for your project and needs.

  • 04

  • Develop

    With the right design in place, our experts will use their collective and extensive knowledge to help materialize your dream project.

  • 05

  • Deploy

    We have our beta testers check each aspect of the project for glitches before handing it over to our clients.

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  • Deliver

    This is the segment where we deliver the product you are satisfied and happy with.

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