Questions to be asked from your digital marketing company.

How to choose your digital marketing company? Ask these questions!

Digital marketing is the new trend that most businesses are running behind as it yields better results in economical costs. Plus, it is not a single element, instead, it’s a branch of things like Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Social Media Management, to name a few. If you target the right digital marketing company in Delhi like Instrek then trust us, you can expect results above your set expectations.

If you weren’t satisfied with the performance of your old digital marketing company or are just stepping out for the first time in the market, in both the cases, you need to be aware of some questions that you must ask your chosen digital marketing company to ensure that they are the right fit for you.

1) What process would you adopt for my company so that we can meet the goals?

The digital marketing company will try their best to lure you in their trap but you have to be smart and specific in your question so that you can know and understand the whole process that they will adopt for your company.

We agree that they may not be able to give away in-depth details just like that but instead of just talking about the strategy, they may inform you about some elements like the tools they will utilize, communication updates, etc. If they struggle to provide enough needed details, then rethink the chosen company.

2) What has been a previous track record for companies similar in your niche?

The so-called digital marketing services in Delhi will be spontaneous in listing down the skills that they acquire. But it’s important to not just believe in what one preaches, instead, see and then decide to believe or not! By this statement, we mean that you must go through the previous track records of the marketing company.

If they have earlier dealt in your niche then request them to showcase the results of similar companies as yours. If the taste of the marketing company matches your niche, then it will be easy to carry out campaigns as they will already have an idea of what works best for companies like yours.

3) What will be the required overall cost?

The company will give you amounts to invest and maybe provide the basic campaign details too. But at the end of the day, it’s your job to inquire further about the budget required for each campaign. If a company tries to be a lot cheaper, then maybe that’s not what you should go for. The best ones in the industry who are confident of their skills know the perfect way of dealing and thus won’t compromise much with the costs.

One should get an estimation on the return of investment. Also, make a note of all the essential contact details like how much output to expect? what if you decide to not complete the contract? etc

4) When Can I Expect Results?

Marketing is a phenomenon that takes time to generate positive results. A good and reputed digital marketing company in Gurgaon will never make false promises and, will provide correct estimate details.

So, if by any chance, you come across a company offering their so-called quality services results in a short span of time then consider it as a red alert. The effects will take some time to show up but once they do, you can enjoy some great long term benefits.

5) How much they are ready to contribute?

A well-targeted and motivated digital marketing company will first run behind their goals before extracting out money from their client’s pockets. To ensure that your assigned expectations are met, the company will be ready to contribute to a lot extent.

They will suggest changes to implement in your company so that the effective results can be generated. Plus, they will indulge in regular communications with you whenever the need arises. This will help you know the exact status of your assigned task.


Digital marketing is a long term commitment so make sure that you fall upon a company that you can decide to take for long otherwise you would have to keep making jumps from one company to another. If you have to ask the above same questions to 100 companies, do it, as it’s just a one time pain and after that, you can relax because you know you have made the right company decision.

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