Top 5 PPC Tools

Top 5 Tools For PPC

In the world of PPC, a marketer doesn’t need to search for something new. He/she just needs to figure out the top performers of its niche and analyze their activities to outperform their results. It isn’t practically possible to do everything without the assistance of any external tool. Therefore, we have got some of the most popular and recommended PPC tools that will help you to to perform analysis, understand the market and end the game of your competition to a large extent.

In this piece of content, we will be dealing with the top 5 tools for PPC. It will help you to gather important data regarding your competitors so that you can improve your game and maybe end theirs too. Most of these PPC tools are paid in nature, but you need not worry as you can always get a free trial. And this is how you can decide whether they are worth the purchase or not.

1) TrackMaven

The most popular and well known PPC drivers are social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to name a few. If you want to analyze the PPC traffic that your competition is extracting from the social media platforms then TrackMaven is the right choice for you.

The tool is quite capable of gathering all kinds of social media insights from your competitors. With the program, you can always have an eye on your competitors’ performance trends, ad spend, content efforts and accordingly generate reports on shares, links, etc.

2) iSpionage

The main intention of the tool was PPC competitive analysis but over time it became a smart SEO tool also. You can go through a list of all your old, new and current advertisements. It consists of thousands of competitors details including their PPC ads duration, keywords they utilizing and much more.

The tool doesn’t limit its functioning till PPC competitive analysis, instead, it even lets you monitor the organic traffic and the keyword rankings. If you want to stand out from the crowd then use this tool to generate ad copy ideas and accordingly proceed ahead.

3) Adbeat

If you want to stay up to date with the trends then Adbeat may be what you are looking for. It lets you view the exact ads and overall ad strategy that your competitors are running on as of now.

The tool gives you a platform to test your different ads to create the next best ad copy. The good thing about Adbeat is that it doesn’t limit to media agencies or marketers alone, it even caters to content network advertisers. If you would like to include Adbeat in your future researches then you can reach out to the best digital marketing company in Delhi which is none other than Instrek.

4) The Search Monitor

Many of the medium and large-sized digital marketing services in Delhi use this tool. It has various features like competitive analysis, brand monitoring, rank report, etc. In short, it’s a multifunctional tool that gives a tough competition to the various other PPC tools in the market.

It has various tools to find spy on affiliates, brand violations, etc. Also, if there’s a brand that has got an International presence then a showcase of price parity is definitely going to be a lot beneficial.

5) SE Ranking SEO/PPC Research Tool

Analyzing the top advertisers and extracting their winning formula, using this tool is just like a child’s play. It has a lot of extra productive features other than your main Competitor SEO/PPC research tool.

Some of you may wonder that the program may be a lot hard to use as it contains so many features. But the truth is that once you know what does what, you are good to go! The user interface is smooth and quite easy to understand after a bit of experimenting.


If you decide to use some of the greatest strategies of your competitors then detailed research should be done on them. Not every element which worked for your competition may work for you. Start out with one tool and once you are familiar with the platform, stretch your arms towards others.

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