Why certain ecommerce sites fail to woo customers?

Why do certain ecommerce sites fail to woo customers?

First secure online payment done from an ecommerce store in the US in year 1994 . Since then the industry has only grown further, making forays into a range of products such as healthcare, merchandise, etc. Therefore it is not rare to find an item, needed immediately, online at ecommerce stores, there is a disparity as far as the success of such sites is concerned. Not every ecommerce site launched with all fanfare and show does exceedingly well. In fact, many of them fail. Let us explore the various reasons why ecommerce sites fail to woo the customers:

Poor Ranking in Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) : Most important part of any ecommerce store’s business and marketing plan. Meanwhile, a website gets listed as one of the top five or ten websites every time a user searches for it using the associated keywords. If a website doesn’t show in the top listing every time a consumer types the product related keywords, then an ecommerce business is bound to fail. The search experience has to be consumer friendly irrespective of the amount of content on the website.   

Poor Management Skills                             

Poor management skills can lead to bad strategic decisions as well as poor internal people management. It is as a result of such poor management skills that very often ecommerce sites get into legal disputes, make bad hiring decisions, treat the staff poorly, make unwise acquisitions, provide a poor work atmosphere, etc.  

Poor Data Analysis

As a website gathers customers for its business, it is necessary to keep a track of the preferences, choices and tastes of the customer in question. This is an important part of the marketing plan because only if this is done; it would be possible to send customised and personalized newsletters. The task initially may seem not so easy but it is not that tough either. With the availability of popular machine learning apps, it may not be really necessary to hire even a specialist to do the same.

Poor Product Photography

Customers today while buying a product online visit various websites to check the pricing, use buyer reviews across various websites, write posts on social media asking for recommendations, etc. Thus the importance of clear and neat pictures cannot be denied and ecommerce sites that do their businesses well post pictures of the same product from various angles under different lighting conditions to ensure that they do not lose a customer as a result of poor pictures. 

Absence of Google Analytics and Google Optimize

Google Analytics is used by almost every ecommerce website as this not only tells about the number of visitors that visit a website but also helps analyse aspects of a business that may be useful in improving further the business. Google has released a tool called Google Optimize which enables one to do A/B tests, multivariate analysis, visual editor etc.

Marketing is a tough and a competitive field and it is required especially for a platform like the ecommerce. You don’t market your ecommerce store well, you tend to lose the business. Ecommerce is a fast growing retail market. People buy online for various reasons such as low prices, free shipping, comparing prices etc.

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