Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

100 Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

Who is this book for There are tons of small or midsize business owners looking for agencies to help them with their digital marketing needs. These questions in this book can be used to make a judgment about the right digital marketing agency to suit your needs. Introduction “Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.” - Jim Horning As always, I love to start my topics with the right quote. In this book, I have collected a series of questions that you may ask  a digital marketing company or agency before you plan to hire them for your brand. In a nutshell, I am sharing my experiences of bad judgments (some good as well) that may help you with your right judgments (or bad judgments). Just kidding!   This topic is structured into two parts - On-page and Off-page. As the name suggests, any activity that is done on your website is called on page activity and everything else is Off-page. Each part has a set of questions. So if you want to jump between the topics, feel free. Off-Page activities Questions in GeneralSocial Media StrategyContent Marketing StrategyPaid Search StrategyOnline Reputation StrategyBranding &  Awareness Strategy On-page activities…Continue Reading

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