Top 5 Software Testing Myths

Busting Top 5 Software Testing Myths

Who is this book for? Targeting small to mid-size companies, this book aims to bust top 5 myths of software testing which are widely spread in the industry. This book is the result of collaborative efforts & crux of experience of team Instrek and ID Design UK. Introduction What is software testing? I will try to answer this question in simple language. The testing is InvestigationExplorationMitigationValuableIterative process What Testing Is Not SimpleAutomatable If you are reading this book, I assume that you are already familiar with software testing and the process. What are myths? “Myths are a waste of time. They prevent progression. ” - Barbra Streisand Very well explained in one sentence that myths are a waste of time. In the context of software development and testing, I would love to tweak this phrase as “Myths are a waste of time. They prevent the quality delivery of software and make your clients unhappy overall” - Sachin Diwaker Do myths really exist in the software industry? Based on my experience with many large or small software development companies the answer to this question varies. These myths may not exist in many large organizations with defined processes and good budgets, but…Continue Reading

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