Importance Of Email Marketing In Digital Marketing

Importance Of Email Marketing In Digital Marketing

Email Marketing is the surest method to reach out to your customers and clients for anything and everything. Why? Because they are over 2 billion people around the world that rely on emails for official communication. A clear indication that emails are still going on and popular too.

Significance of Email Marketing
Emails are something that can be customized as per the client’s preference, and almost every kind of topic can be covered. Instrek gives you some of the points which will make people realize the true value of email marketing,

More impactful than social media

Many of the digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR are of the opinion that social media is a consequential landscape. Granted, it has changed the way marketing strategies were executed, but email marketing is way more peculiar than the former. If you want to reach your clients and convert them for future business partnerships, then email marketing is the one. Even the client retention ratio with respect to email marketing is way higher than with social media marketing.

A profitable measure

Compared to other means, email marketing is one of the cheapest and profitable means for marketing. Digital marketing companies think that it covers a huge footprint of clients at meagre rates. If there are some small business houses who want to tap into this, they can do so easily and economically. Since email marketing is one of the top customer acquisition tactics there is, all SMEs are completely into this.

Effective personalization

Using email marketing you can segregate your contacts as you like in the form of lists. You can then send them messages with respect to your level of customization to them. This actually increases the rate of conversions and they feel comfortable doing business with you too. You can address your clients individually and you can separate them using the email marketing software at your disposal. It fosters a great relationship with your clients since you are always available on the go to them.


Both you and your client will have the respective email marketing software. As the host company, you would be able to keep track of the number of emails sent, replied, etc. You can get a comprehensive overview of how the campaigns are getting executed. These benchmarks serve as a yardstick to properly calibrate and assess your email marketing strategy. You can even perform a split testing on your emails, formulate your opinion and improve your strategy in the next campaign.

Allows email checks on Mobile devices

Since smartphones have become a very common medium for communication, email checking has become easier in that respect. There are those who think that social media is overshadowing email marketing, but that is clearly not the case. People access emails more than they access social media as per many popular surveys.

Therefore, Email Marketing in a literal sense is a great stepping stone for many companies, small and big. Clients rarely look out for flashy stuff when they look for potential companies. They look for those that give them proper and effective information through simple means and effective strategies. Email marketing is all about that.

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