Search Engine Optimization is not a one day job

Search Engine Optimization is not a one day job

Do you know Google’s CEO personally? If you know, then only he can help you raising massive traffic for your website overnight. If you don’t know him, then stop chasing the golden goose. It’s time for you to wake up. Because SEO is not a one day job – brother! Though it’s not your fault, we can understand. To attract new customers, today’s SEO agencies offer you short traffic management, higher price and, dozens of false myths. Because they know you don’t have knowledge about Search Engine Optimization. But we break the myths for you. We are the most promising and, professional digital marketing company in Gurgaon – INSTREK.

Search Engine Optimization takes time and here are the reasons why it takes time:

Do you know that getting 100 visits in 3 days is not SEO? When you ask why not your website is getting views, you will get the reply – “this is what you get in this budget”. SEO needs time, perfection, audit, monitoring, expert, experience, professionalism, SEM, SMM, strategy, contents, keyword monitoring, and lots more. It usually takes 4-12 months.

First a complete site audit must be conducted

Successful SEO campaigns begin with a complete site audit. An SEO specialist examines different areas by detecting problems that could prevent their placement. Your website may look nice to you or to your audience but not to Google. A perfect website needs even two months to audit SEO. Your SEO could find based on the verification that your site has several problems that require a complete revision.

Content production is essential for a successful strategy

Excellent content that delights users and search engines is not easily created. In this case, you will need to hire the* best SEO services in Delhi.* Competent team to do the job for you. It’s not something you can accomplish in a few hours. To publish high- quality content that deserves to be positioned, you need to consider the readability, uniqueness, excitement, and word counts (2000 words), title, links and shares on the company. Needless to say, it will take some time before Google indexes your newly published content.

Solid strategies are based on competitive research

As a business made of bricks, even online businesses have competitors. To move forward, your SEO analyst will need to research your competitors. Then discover their strengths and in which areas you can improve. Competition for quantity and quality of content, link, existing ranking, site speed and more. This is the reason again why it takes much time.

Getting quality links requires a lot of work

Building quality links for your website is really hard work to do. Hard work does not collect immediate results. Quality link offers more weight to your website. Unless you can do SEO all by yourself, you need to set up a budget. The more money you invest to hire a custom web application development company to manage your campaign. You paid more that does not mean you will get a quicker result. There is no guarantee that important budgets will lead to immediate SEO results.

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