Web Application Security is the need of an hour

Web Application Security is need of an hour

In today’s time, we have got millions of apps and websites. Over the last few years, the number of attacks on these services has increased a lot. Issues like data breaches weren’t a common thing to worry about some 10-12 years back. The common reasons behind these data breaches were mainly human errors like loss of USB drive or laptop, misplace of files, etc. The shocking fact was that many of the top organizations never got to know their cause behind the data breaches.

But when we take a look at 2019, it’s very sad to witness that the data breaches have increased in number since the last few years. The main targets are the attacks against web and mobile apps. This gives you a solid reason to hire a strong and competitive website designing company.

How did it all start?

Phishing was also a common reason back in the old days but it couldn’t continue for long. The idea of phishing attacks stopped worked as the technology started getting advanced and high security elements got established. A hacker used to phish a user, install malware on the target system and then remotely control the system. On top of this, it was also very hard to stay for long inside the system to locate and steal the data. The more time you spent in a network, the better chances you had of getting caught.

One thing stopped, but the advancements gave rise to another issue and that was exploitation of web application security vulnerabilities. When compared with the phishing attack, these new form of attacks were more powerful and effective.

What hackers extracted from all this?

In a website, whenever any user comes and inputs any sort of information like name, address, transaction details, etc, all of this gets stored in a server which is beneath the application. The hackers exploit a software vulnerability, and with the help of that, they hijack the website or app, resulting in access to all kinds of information present on the server.

If you thought that this is it then you are wrong! Another common way they could attack is by directly injecting malicious code into web forms, and compromising with the applications that don’t sterilize the data that users are granted to enter into a field.

What does the future hold for Web app security?

The exploitation of web application security vulnerabilities has become a lot common. If proper implements are not taken care of by companies by hiring some good and trusted Software development services then they may be at a high risk of loss. We have seen people arguing with each other over this matter, but the facts clearly state that just like computers and network-connected devices, these web applications are also at risk and they must be protected in the best manner possible.

Plus the websites and apps are no more limited like before, organizations have started taking steps to transfer them to the cloud, making web application security more complex and tough than before. Whenever you decide to go for any company like Instrek, make sure they provide cloud based security. A good service can protect the data behind any app or website, no matter where they have been hosted.

The engineers at play for implementing web application security must have a thinking style of a hacker too so that they can understand how a hacker would respond to such a web application. They must get technical and inspect all the aspects of the application so that they can know in what all ways a hacker can penetrate in the system.

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