SEO lessons from Game of Thrones

Search Engine Optimization Lessons From Game Of Thrones

If you have hit upon this article then there are pretty good chances that you are already a fan of Game of Thrones (GOT). Just like many, we also had the question in mind that what’s so special about the series that people are so inclined to watch it? We decided to give the series a binge-watch and then we understood that this is a question whose answer can only be understood when one sets to watch the whole series. As the name suggests, Game of Thrones is all about the game revolving around the throne. There are different characters, situations, etc from which you can learn a lot of things. In this article, we will be taking a look at something which may feel weird and fake at first, but it’s not. We are going to discuss the SEO lessons that can be derived from Game of Thrones.

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1) Learn To Play The Game

A lot of us, loved Ned Stark in the first season as he was a just and honorable character. He indeed qualified all the values of a wise person. But he didn’t know the correct way to play the game. He didn’t know how to manipulate people around him and hence lost everything.

Similarly, if you don’t know the correct way to survive in the market, then it doesn’t matter how good or bad your thing is, you are ultimately going to fail. The business environment is dynamic, so what may be working today or preferred by you for delivery (good or service), may not stand tomorrow. Sounds harsh? That’s how it works! Also, don’t forget to be ahead of your competitors or at least match up with their steps, to see yourself ranking good in the long run.

2) Learn The Arts Of Killing & Survival

How many of you remember the Red Wedding episode? We are sure most of us certainly remember it. This episode brought an end to most of the famous characters at once. Well, but as the script had decided, the Frey Family had to die at the hands of Arya.

If we try to analyze the above paragraph in case of the SEO world, we derive to the conclusion that any of your competitors can just be equivalent to the Frey Family. Someone can just instantly arrive with quality content and snatch away your position in the rankings. So, always follow the rule, “prepare for the best, but be ready for the worst”.

3) Black Techniques Don’t Take You In The Long Journey

If we had to name one character that was wise and possessed powerful mystic powers, including black magic. Then you know it has to be Warlock Pyat Pree. His abilities were just amazing, as he could create virtual cones and set them to finish any task, including fighting. He indeed was a great person who knew the correct way of using black powers. But still, in the end, he came to an end by the real power of Fire.

Just like that, Black Hat SEO is an element like drugs that can give you instant pleasure like high traffic and good rankings. But if you abuse it too much then, your karma will only recast upon you, and bring down your website. Search Engines are becoming pretty smart day by day. They aim to create a good environment for the audience. And if you go anyhow against the objective of Search Engines like Google, then it’s not good for you and your website. So stop Black Hat techniques today!


If you too sit down and analyze things then you may also be able to arrive at a lot of similarities between the series and SEO, and why with only SEO? Game of Thrones teaches you about real-life scenarios, try to relate with your daily life and see if you can find anything. Even if you find one similarity, no matter how small, just let us know in the comments section below.

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