Top Digital Marketing Myths of 2019

Top Digital Marketing Myths of 2019

In this digital century Internet as made things easier for people. Whatever you want to know, you only need to click a button and boom you have all the information. This rise in the internet has many benefits for the user, but it also has some issues. One of the primary problems is the spreading of misinformation and creating rumours or myths about something. And especially in digital marketing, the scenario is no good.

Myths are an integral part of our society. And digital marketing has always been plagued by rumours and myths. It becomes challenging for the firms to craft their strategy as they get confused about what will work and what won’t. We need to understand that every piece of information is not coming from a trusted source, nor it is facts-based. So here we are as one the best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi brings you the list of Top Digital Marketing Myths of 2019.

These are the most common things we’ve come across about digital marketing that is wrong or misinformed:

More and more content

Social media postings, infographics, and other informative posts not only helps you to get more engagements but also improves your organic traffic. But when we are talking about digital marketing, more content is not always better. Sometimes too much content reduces its overall quality. Your content should be relevant to your audience.
You should try to give your audience value with purpose. If it is more about the product or keywords and ads, they will tune out your content as noise. Try to push the value and not the product.

SEO won’t help

SEO has changed massively from the start with some wrong predictions. It has received many points about its demise, regardless of any validity and relevancy. People believe sharing their opinions and broadcasting them loudly is what the need is.
Search engine optimization itself stands for using the available resources most effectively. And it is still improving with the increasing and improved number of search engines. It is not the same as we know before, but its true spirit of creating new and unique content and optimizing it so search engines can crawl and interpret it accurately—is still alive and well.

Facebook is not much useful

You might have heard that Facebook is no longer critical in digital marketing. But their plenty of negative news still can’t ignore the fact that it is in the game.
Plenty of people use Facebook. Therefore it won’t be marked as wise to tune it out based on a myth. It is one of the vital business platforms to connect with lots of people. And a business should have a regular presence on this network.

Digital Marketing is a time-consuming process.

To admit, yes, there are some aspects of digital marketing that might take some time to develop. Some of them are content marketing, organic SEO, etc. However, there are some other paid concepts, such as ad campaigns that immediately boosts your website’s traffic.

In this competitive era, it is not every time possible to quantify the benefits of anything. Also, not everything can be done on immediate notice. For writing any piece of content, either for an ad, you need to do some research about the topic first. You also need to do market research about the behaviour of your customers. And then only you can get engagements and recognition as well. Similarly, some aspects of digital marketing may consume time, but some are fast as well.

Anyone can do it

The myth that digital marketing can be a cup of tea for anyone is gradually dying. It has become more complicated and challenging with the growing time and advancements. It was believed that someone with a knowledge of online marketing could do digital marketing as well. But with these ever-increasing years, digital marketing has become more intricate from marketing and sales automation to PPC management to influencer marketing. So if you need maximum returns on your investments and want to make your strategies successful, you need enough expertise in digital marketing.

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