Top Email Marketing Tips for Higher Engagements

Top Email Marketing Tips for Higher Engagements

Email marketing is said to be a feasible type of advertising. It has the calibre to drive more engagements and increase website traffic if people are opening those emails. Most of us have their mailbox flooded with emails that we don’t even bother to open. As one of the best digital marketing company in delhi we at Instrek provides an understanding to face the challenges in this type of advertising.
We bring you some of the best tips to get higher engagements through email marketing. After all, if you don’t bother to open the doors when someone is ringing the bell, how will you know about the fantastic things they have for you?

Email marketing tips:

Focus on Subject line- Your subject line in any mail should be at the top priority. They should be unique and attractive so that people not only see them but later want to open it as well. You can also use your creativity and innovation to make it look more enthusiastic. Always remember to highlight the crucial points o your mail. Like always, add the coupon information if you are sending it in your promotional emails.
Try to create a new subject line every time and use them with your focus groups to test them.

Follow the rules: Since you have decided on the subject line already, you now need to follow the format as well. It is one of the crucial steps to take care of. Choose the right words, take care of the character limit, and must include a title case to make it look more formal. You can also study some emoji and stickers that can benefit your subject line.


It is getting recognition in the world of online campaigns. Personalization helps in building a strong relationship with clients and makes them feel more valued.
Similarly, Personalization in content is likely to attract people more to your website. In this way, you can connect more with your customers, and your engagements also increase. You can include the name of the participant or client to whom you are sending the mail. It also pours a positive impact on the client.

Take advantage of the fear of missing

You might have seen emails with the subject line limited time. This technique is one of the handy marketing techniques. People don’t want to miss an experience they might regret later. But do not use it way too much as the client may catch it and will ignore those emails.

Try video thumbnails

People get attracted to video content more and quickly. It also helps you to show your creativity and innovation. The more you will be able to express your message, the more traction you will get. Hence you can include video along with your content. For that, you can add the linkable image with the play button. It will redirect them to your website where the actual video is.

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