Why your Campaign does not get desired Conversion Rate?

Why your Campaign does not get desired Conversion Rate?

A conversion rate is simply the number of people visiting your website. You can also say how much traffic your website is receiving. Now what exactly a good or high conversion rate offers? It indicates that you have successful marketing with the best web design. But what about the situation when people are not choosing your product/services?
Such a situation can be easily tackled if you have the right solution. One of the best digital marketing company in Delhi Promypro list some problems you might be facing in getting high conversion rates. Let’s discuss it :

Impact of your first impression

One of the common reasons why your website doesn’t have enough traffic is its impression. Customers don’t like what they see on your page. The situation gets even worse when they are not able to find relevant information and switch to your competition. However, it is important to have a good-looking website but usability as well.
You should keep a check on the bounce rate on a page that will keep your visitors on your site. Also, try to provide the customer with the information he wants. Be sure your first impression is not becoming your bad impression.

Target audience

To sell your service/product you first need to set your target audience. If you are selling it to the wrong group, no one is going to have them. Hence, your conversion rate will be low.
To improve your conversion rates you should keep a close look at the customer preferences. You can also use web analytics to see people’s behavior on your site. Also, you can check the social media analytics whether your posts are shared or not.

Optimization of your site

Another big reason why your website is still at low conversions is due to a lack of proper optimization. SEO means optimizing your web pages and content to improve their searchability and visibility on the google page. It is done better with combinations of keywords related to your product.
Proper keyword research is important if you aim to show relevant results for the customers. If your page is not appearing, you won’t get any traffic.

Mobile-friendly website

The world has shifted to their mobiles more than their laptops and computers. According to 2019 data, there’ll be 11 billion mobile phones in circulation. Also, 65-70% of sales are made through mobile phones these days.
People do researches about any product on their mobiles more. That means you need to modify your marketing strategy and optimize your mobile-based E-commerce store. This will help you to attract new customers and retain old ones. They’ll keep stick to your website more doesn’t matter where they are browsing.

So these are some of the main reasons why your campaign is not getting desired results. And why the conversion rate of your website is low. But these are the points where you can do a lot of work and make improvements. This will surely help you to boost the conversion rate even more.

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