Importance of a responsive website

Importance of responsive website


There are multiple* web application development companies* that would basically focus on having a website working on multiple platforms. Some of these platforms include desktop and mobile devices wherein many of the users and the clients focus on. The following section will describe the importance of a responsive website on both these platforms. Let’s dive directly into that.
Significance of responsive websites
Instrek basically recommends some of the points mentioned below that are vital to have and are a matter of import. Below is a list of points which would make you go for the responsive websites,

The high amount of traffic

The principle of web application development also states that websites need to generate traffic if they want to receive capital. But it has been found that mobile websites generate a lot more traffic than desktop sites do. The reason for this would be the penetration of smartphones around the world.
This is why it is important to have responsive websites that work with fewer glitches in your smartphone.

Less website cost and maintenance

One more important advantage of having a responsive website would be minimal costs that are required to make them. Multiple custom web application development companies are of the opinion that it might be costly during the initial phase.
But as time passes, you will be surprised that everything will come under budget. You would not be bugged by excessive maintenance costs among others, and that would be beneficial.

Streamlined User Experience

One of the important benefits of having a responsive website would be a great user experience that comes with it. If you have a website that is unresponsive, it will appear to be visibly cracked up and distorted which is not ideal to have.
It is therefore very vital to have your website devoid of any kind of distortions and issues. You should ensure that these problems do not bug your client at the slightest. These small details would be better to take care of in the long run.

  1. Adaptable Screen Size

A responsive website normally means that the developers need to have adjustable screen sizes on the websites. Since there are a lot of devices in the market like smartwatches, IoT based devices, etc. It, therefore, becomes important to have your website to have an adaptable screen size as part of your functionality.

SEO Advantage

If you have a responsive website, then it is very advantageous to configure the SEO functionality on it. It is recommended by Google that SEO improves the user experience of any website and on all the platforms. Plus, it would save up a lot of capital that can otherwise be utilized for other different ventures of the organization.


With respect to the points shown above, a responsive website is very important for any organization big or small. If you are not able to make it responsive, it would be difficult for your clients to navigate through. It would also be a bit cumbersome for users as well.
Ensure that all the factors work in your favor when you are taking this step.

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